I N    D E V E L O P M E N T

So happy for this great opportunity!!!! WILD SWANS wins the first price at the 2019 Las Vegas Screenplay Contest!


L O O K   B O O K

D I R E C T O R' S    S T A T E M E N T

After making “Pentimento,” which focuses on the fate of an illegal immigrant in the gritty landscape of New York City, I was ready to embrace a story set within nature and so began “Wild Swans,” a fairy tale inspired by a Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, of the same name. 

 I believe this choice came from a deep personal desire to be immersed in shades of green, beauty, simplicity, contemplation and silence.  It also reflects my love for fairy tales, in which enchantment and magic become reality and teach us moral lessons about the deception of appearances, delightful yet dangerous fruits and symbolic journeys into “the dark forest” that serve as pathways to our subconscious.